Career Transformation

As IT Industry continue to grow, technology advancements and disruptions continues to impact our careers, one need to be prepared with skills to adapt and succeed in the workplace impacted by new technologies.

While job opportunities in technology are growing up to three times faster than other career fields in developed as well as developing markets, good number of working executives feeling struck with their current jobs with very little advancement.

Technologies, Software’s, platforms, tolls and methodologies keep changing and offer new opportunities to working executives to leap frog their careers by learning new ones and impacting their careers quantum.

Technology companies & large MNCs   with large employee pool are finding it difficult to get adequate skill pool for new business development, project execution and technology innovation and finding it difficult to groom the current work force to suit the new technology areas and drive business expansion.

Tech Minds Career Transformation division helps individuals through their Part time or Full time training offerings in Niche and Advanced Technology areas to ADVANCE or TRANSFORM their careers.Technology Companies, Corporates can leverage our Corporate Trainings and Tech Faculty services to conduct relevant trainings to their work force and cross skill them to suit their ever changing   technology skill requirement.

Career Transformation/Advancement Trainings that we offer :

 > Cyber Security
 > BI/Big Data Analytics
 > Cloud, Azure
 > Infra Ops

It’s estimated that by 2025, we could have 20 million jobs without enough qualified people to fill them.

But today, thanks to the three change accelerators of exponential advances in processing power, bandwidth, and storage, we are experiencing rapid change—or rather, transformation. Because processing power is creating a digital explosion in our tools’ ability to do more with less at a faster rate, and bandwidth is increasing exponentially, and storage is moving to the cloud, over the next five short years we will be transforming how we sell, market, communicate, collaborate, innovate, train, and educate. As a result, we are going to see many jobs disappear, yet at the same time, many current job definitions redefined as technology gives us new and more efficient ways to do our old jobs.

The key is to get ahead of the curve. One way to get ahead of the curve is to ask yourself, “Do I do a repetitive task?” Obviously, advanced automation and robotics is going to take those jobs over quickly, if they haven’t already. Similarly, do you have a well-defined procedure that you do every day, or do you have rule-based skills? Intelligent systems are going to be able to do those procedures for you.

Here are a few important questions that will help you get ahead of the career curve. Ask yourself, “What knowledge and skills can I learn that will supplement my current strengths so that I can thrive in the years ahead? What are the new areas of learning that will make me more relevant in a world of rapid change?”

It’s time to ask new and better questions, because we used to have a lot of time—in some cases, a lifetime—to prepare for job and career changes. Today the timeframe to prepare for change is extremely short.